CZP sent trial lots of zinc powder to potential customers

CZP sent trial lots of zinc powder to potential customers


Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant (a metallurgical enterprise of UMMC) has launched production diversification program. This means, in particular, production of fine zinc powder.

"We have produced zinc powder before, but the existing process does not allow obtaining powder of less than 10 microns (for comparison, the thickness of a human hair is about 50 microns). This very fraction is now in demand on the market," said Pavel Kozlov, head of the Engineering Center. "That is why we started developing the prototypes of powder."

Technical specialists of "UMMC-Holding" Corp. and PJSC "CZP" jointly developed the process and currently it is being patented.

Zinc powders are widely used, mainly in paint and varnish industry, for cold galvanizing. Moreover, they are applied in production of chemical cells and precious metals.

Diversification of production is in line with the strategic plans of Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company, where close cooperation with customers, development of new products that meet customers’ needs and sales expansion are a priority.